Corporate Services

Corporate Services

We help companies in a wide number of ways, from Keyman and Partnership protection, corporate investment, setting up and managing company pension schemes of all types, through to re-broking corporate finance and setting up employee benefit packages.

With the taxation system being constantly changed, it is worth reviewing your current situation and benefit packages that you may or may not offer to your staff, as it may be more advantageous to adjust what you provide in order to reduce your tax burden, whilst still providing much appreciated benefits to your staff.

The Financial Services Authority does not regulate Taxation advice.

“We have known Tony of Harlequin Financial Management for ten years and during this time he has given us good advice, not only on our own investments, but also with our small business, Rhodes Roofing Ltd…..our employees were happy with the way our pension scheme was set about arranging the Scheme to suit each individual.

Mr & Mrs P Rhodes